WHAT: A Women’s Retreat, fellowship, worship, the Word, peace, serenity, laughter, fun, blessing and growth healing and BEAUTY :)

WHO: 15-20 Women who have a desire to learn what it means to be authentic in their relationship with God and others.

WHEN: JUNE 20th-22nd, 2019. Thursday at 5pm to Saturday at 5pm 

WHERE: Julian, CA in a 6 bedroom country home/retreat center on 9 beautiful acres of property (email marissa@discoverysd.org for address)

HOW MUCH: $50 per person (includes meals) 

The focus of this retreat was inspired by the word "sincere" which is used in Romans 12:9, which tells us to “let love be sincere.” During the Renaissance, Spanish sculptors who made mistakes while carving expensive marble often patched their flaws with cera—‘wax.’ The phrase eventually came to mean anything honest or true. The English word ‘sincere’ evolved from the Spanish sin cera—‘without wax.’ 

When we try to hide or cover up our flaws, not only are we are not living the sincere or authentic life Christ has died for us to live, but we shield ourselves from the revelation of the treasures of innumerable worth that are stored inside each and every one of us. Each one of us has gold, a gift, a treasure to share with the world, and the lies about who we are and our worth, can often stifle and suppress us from sharing that gift and walking in who we were created to be. We are called to share the gospel in the different and creative ways that God has fashioned us to do so. We all have a story to share, we all have healing to give, we all have ways we can serve and bless others. To follow Christ, is to become as little children, and to live authentically and vulnerably, as He showed us in His example. When we do that, and allow our raw, authentic inner child to surface through the cold, synthetic outer walls the world often has caused us to construct, it births a different color, paints a new stroke on the ever-evolving masterpiece of our life.  Every courageous motion of rawness has value, its purpose, and its place in our ever developing journey towards wholeness. According to renowned researcher of Shame and vulnerability, Brene Brown, "Vulnerability is not weakness; it's our greatest measure of courage. Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change” This retreat is about learning to live in our identity as Children of God, break down the constructs that have held us back and prevented us from experiencing true connection to God and to others, and propel us forward, in a new and glorious motion, that reflects who we truly are, with the power and image of the True and Living God in us, creating, innovating, building, and changing a broken world into a kingdom that belongs to the meek, the foolish of this world and the poor in spirit.

It’s time to stop living in the comfort of the lies and shame that have kept us silent and stagnant, and begin to learn the true meaning and purpose of letting the love that "has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit” (Rom. 5:5) , be “sincere,” or “without wax” (Romans 12:9)

email marissa@discoverysd.org for questions or to sign up!